Product Features

Chequebook-Style Register
Checkbook Register

Probably the most important feature of the JioSoft Money Manager Accounts software is the simplicity of transactions. The software is easy to use and has a nice screen layout. The chequebook-style register provides a familiar and convenient interface for entering financial transactions. The register supports current accounts and savings accounts,  banking and credit-card transactions, mortgage and loan accounts, tracking expenses as well as tracking income such as wages, interest income and also stocks and shares transactions. The software also includes a Transaction Search capability, a powerful tool to help you quickly locate any previous transaction. Accounts can also be denominated in different currencies.

Reports and Graphs
Reports, Graphs

The software contains integrated reporting and graphing tools, and comes complete with a full suite of standard and customised reports, such as  Income and Expense, Portfolio Valuation, Net Worth, Category and Payee reports, Transaction reports and many others. Helps you to stay on top of your day-to-day finances and get a better picture of what you have coming in, going out, and what's left to spend or save. We make it easy to set a budget, and stay on budget. It's easy to set up budget goals based on what you've spent in the past. You can easily customise your budget plan, and the software will track your progress.

Small Business Accounting Features

Simplify managing a small business with Income & Expenditure tracking, Budget Forecasts and Bill Payment tracking, Loan and Finance management, track your profits and cashflow. The software has comprehensive transaction statistics so you see instantly where your money is going to and coming from. Although the software comes at a fraction of the cost of other leading brands, it is much easier to use. You will know how much money you are making at any point in the year by simply running a report. Instead of giving your accountant a box full of receipts and chequebook stubs; print a report of your Income and Expenses, much quicker and neater and you could save money on your accountancy fees.


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Categories and Sub Categories
Transaction Finder

Income and Expense Categories allow you to see where your money's going. The JioSoft Money Manager Personal and Small Business Accounts software automatically categorises your personal and/or small business expenses and then shows you where you're spending your money, including both business and personal expenses. You can see exactly where your personal and business finances stand at anytime by running a Categories report over various timescales including custom dates. Money Manager comes with a Category List which provides a selection of commonly used categories, you can rename these if you wish, delete them altogether or create new categories to suit your purpose. You can create as many Categories and Sub-Categories as you need. Split Categories are also supported.

Stockmarket and Fund Portfolios

Track shares individually or in a portfolio of shares, you can monitor your profits and gain a clear view of your holdings. JioSoft Money Manager helps you make smart and better informed decisions about your investments by keeping you on top of your performance; including tracking dividends. When you buy or sell shares the software will automatically calculate the average price paid so you can always see your investment performance as a percentage gain and in cash terms. It is easy to set up your investments in JioSoft Money Manager; you can be up and running within minutes.

QIF File Import

Intuit® Quicken® QIF files and Microsoft Money® QIF files can be imported. The JioSoft Import Wizard makes it easy to get your data from other programmes into Money Manager. Even if you have 20 years of data, don't worry, JioSoft Money Manager will import them all in minutes! You can import all your bank accounts, credit card accounts, loan accounts and even asset & investment accounts. You can also import bank statements from many banks and financial institutions and they will be automatically categorised and checked for duplicates.

Statement Reconciliation
Reconcile like Quicken

The software makes it easy to reconcile your account transactions and cleared balances against your bank statements. With JioSoft Money Manager you get a familiar Reconcile Window where you can tick off the transactions that match against your bank statement until the difference between your reconciled balance and your bank statement balance is zero. All the reconciled transactions will then be marked as such in the account register. The reconcile feature in JioSoft Money Manager will ensure that your accounts always match your bank statements exactly. You can edit transactions add missing transactions or remove duplicate transactions from the reconcile window. You'll always have accurate accounts with Money Manager!

Scheduled Transactions

You can create recurring transactions for both income and expenditure (for example Direct Debits, Regular Dividends, Salary) including automatic reminders when a transaction is due, the ability to postpone a scheduled transaction without cancelling it, and the ability to specify only a limited number of transactions. You can also set up mortgage and loan repayments as scheduled transactions. Can be set up to activate automatically on the due date.

Multiple Currencies

JioSoft Money Manager allows you to work in just one currency or more than one currency if required. When using accounts with several different currencies you can create reports with the figures converted into your base currency taking into account an exchange rate specified by you. Transferring money between accounts of different currencies is no problem, the amounts will be different due to the exchange rate and Money Manager handles that.

Many more features

This is just some of the major features included with the JioSoft Money Manager Accounts Software. There are many more features that you will discover as you begin using the programme. We are confident that you will find more features in this software than products that are considerable more expensive, you'll soon wonder how you ever managed without it.

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Helps you to budget

Microsoft Money - Intuit Quicken - AccountzThe budgeting tool in Money Manager is category-based. You assign budget amounts for each category and can then run a Budget Report over various timescales to see how your actual spending and income amounts match against your budget amounts.

We think this software is simply the most easy-to-use and comprehensive personal and small business financial accounts application on the market.

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Runs on Windows 7/8/10

Free Upgrades for Life

We are continuously improving the software. As improvements become available you can upgrade free of charge. There is a menu option within the software to check for updates. We will never ask you to pay for updates; we offer Free Product Upgrades for Life. This means that once you have bought the software it is future-proof you'll never have to pay again.

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